7 pre-wedding shoot bumper weekend – by Tony Gameiro – Kent Wedding Photographer


This weekend was a real opportunity to dust off the cameras and work with some of my fantastic clients due to be married throughout the rest of the year.  7 pre-wedding shoots later and I am pleased to show you this is a very small selection of some of the images that stood out for me.

The photo shoots where across a number of Kent’s wonderful scenic locations and I think you would be inclined to agree with me in saying that all these guys not only look relaxed in front of the camera but look absolutely amazing in their photos.
There are some fantastic weddings to cover ahead and I cannot wait to work with all you guys again.  If your this good on your practice run you will be truly amazing on the big day.

For now enjoy and share your sneak peek selection…

Tony 🙂

7 thoughts on “7 pre-wedding shoot bumper weekend – by Tony Gameiro – Kent Wedding Photographer

  1. These look so lovely! Makes me even more sad that we had a grumpy little man! But I’ve been following your work for a while now and the pictures are always beautiful!! I know that we will have some beautiful wedding photos 🙂
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Amy … I will blog yours too asap … there was just a little less to select from as we were not able to do what we needed…but there some cool ones coming your way soon … thank you for the kind words too 😉

      1. That’s ok :)! Children will be children! We enjoyed it anyway and more importantly it was nice to meet you before the big day! X

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