Pen & Glenn – Wedding Day 2 at Bradbourne House, Kent

Well what can I say … when I met these guys, I knew how wonderful it was going to be to capture their 2 wedding days.  It has been an absolute blast and a pleasure!
Sometimes you just know from early on how things are going to turn out and I was not wrong!   From the cool pre-wedding shoot in Greenwich to the quirky wedding venue in Dode and then on to Bradbourne house for their final wedding celebration with a colourful Asian wedding theme… my cameras where literally jumping with joy at the wonderful scenes and people to capture along this 2 day journey.   Not only was the photography side  of things amazing but so where Pen & Glenn !! …two super lovely people surrounded by a very cool crowd… I truly hope the images you are about to see shows you all the above …  and if you want to take a look at their pre-wedding shoot and wedding day one,  the following links will take you there Pre-Wedding & Wedding Day 1 (Dode)

Enjoy …

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