2017s Pre-Wedding Shoots

Was your weekend as eventful as mine ?!!
Here is what I did and what a way to kick off the 2017 Wedding Season… I had the absolute pleasure of working with these 3 lovely couples , Sam & John, Amy & Dan and Keely & Chris.
I think you would all agree with me this is a really promising start to what is no doubt about to be a another fantastic year of weddings. I seriously cant wait to hook back up with all theses guys in the coming months for their big day’s. Stay tuned as there is sooooo much more to come…
UPDATE: March 2017, this blog has now changed to a pre-weddings Blog for 2017, here i will share all my favorite pre-wedding photos of the whole of 2017

Something new from TGP coming soon !

Those of you that know me will know that I am always after finding that extra something to offer my clients.  So I have just gotten married myself and I having had a Parisian vintage theme to my own wedding I wanted to trial run my next venture.  So here we are guys something I will hopefully be running with later in the year or more towards 2017 onwards.

If you think it is cool and want to know more about how I can help you have the same at your wedding then please use the contact me form.

For now a very special thanks to Charlotte Bailey for the photographs and the patience to stand there most of the day capturing everyone’s fun, and to Bec & Dave our friends for getting it all organised as a wedding gift to me and Denise.

a fantastic job by all …thank you so much …  please enjoy and share!!