Pre-Wedding Location selection

Hi All,

To enable us to carry these out without any delays could you please fill in the short form below and select a 1st and 2nd option for your shoot location. The 1st option is always used unless I have the need to use your 2nd option in which case I will let you know ahead of the shoot.
In the event that we may have already decided on a different location for your shoot then please let me know in the notes section so that I can get to everyone on time.

Some hints, tips & information

  • keep an eye on the weather and note that if it is very wet there may need to be cancellations on the day itself …
  • Ladies, please leave handbags in your car during the shoot if possible.
  • some locations may require parking fees , so be prepared with some coins
  • I may txt you just before your shoot to ask you to start earlier, please be prepared to start 30-45 min earlier if you hear from me.
  • I will be unreachable during most hours of the day , so if you need to contact me then please drop me a text to start with
  • Feel free to bring some accessories for the shoot.
  • The shoot only lasts about 1hr and I would recommend a smart casual look.

…I looking forward to seeing you all on your shoot.