USB & Mosaics

Hi All

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying married life.

I wanted to send you some additional information about USB’s & Mosaics as a few of you have been asking when you will receive yours.

Please be assured that if your package has these products included and if you are still waiting for these , it is likely that they are still being produced for you.

Firstly I would like to make sure that you should all have access to your photos on your official online gallery . The online gallery is your main and permanent wedding photo location.  This is primary the USB that I provide as this is where you will always have access to your photos.

The USB’s take a few weeks to actually personalise, print and load with your wedding images, ( pre-wedding images, wedding Mosaics & wedding videos if you have these too).

Please remember that all your media is added to the USB and therefore it is the last product you will receive …sometimes it takes a number of months after the wedding to allow all files to be added to the USB, including album projects if these are part of your package.

Other points in relation to the USB is that it is exclusive for you the couple ONLY and as a backup source of your official gallery.

Friends and family should use the provided gallery for full image access and printing options.

There is no reason for you (the couple) or your guests to be without images  while you you wait for us to produce your USB hard copy.

Although you should not need to do this, If you you have your own USB and desperately need/want to have your images on a hard copy then please use the instructions provided in your initial gallery access email to download and save the images on your own USB or computer.

Please, check and be sure that you have a mosaic as part of your package , if you do then these are generated for you a few weeks after the wedding photos are completed and access granted.

Mosaics are then added to the online gallery alongside your other images and also added to your USB at the end of the whole process. Also if you have ordered a printed version then again this will be arranged after all the above.

Much of this information would have been explained during our initial meeting but I know how some of these meetings are over a year old and we all tend to forget small details so hopefully this helps clarify some questions around these products.